I’m in this Travel Writing in America class and I totally got the green light to write about Time Travel as Travel Narrative. 

Give me your Moderns, your Romantics, your huddled Medievalists yearning to write freely, of the academic value of Pop Culture. Send these, the pedantic, Derrida-tossed to me, *TARDIS noise*

Tumblr, I need help.

I really just suck at coming up with clever titles.
I’m writing an abstract for a pop culture conference about Pacific Rim and how Mako Mori is the “real” main character and Raleigh Beckett is just a red herring protagonist and why this is both supermegafoxyawesomehot and kinda sucky. I’m going to talk about some other instances of this happening too, the one that immediately comes to mind is Black Widow in the new Captain America movie but really it’s going to be about Pacific Rim.

So basically, I need a catchy title. It should look something like this:
"Something clever with alliteration or a quote or something": Stealth Heroines and Red Herring Protagonists in Pacific Rim

help me out, guys?

Remember that time in a graduate level English course where we spent almost the whole class mansplaining why colonialism was a bad thing to one dudebro?

Remember that time this same dudebro didn’t understand how a person’s standards of beauty might be racially or class informed?

Remember that time THIS SAME DUDEBRO argued that dehumanizing an entire culture of people for the sake of art was not only ok, but a good thing?

Possible Master’s Thesis Topics:

-Comic Books as modern folklore (current favorite, but no one at my university teaches courses on folklore or comic books so…)
-The devil in literature throughout history
-The appeal of the Medieval in popular literature
-The appeal of the Victorian in popular literature
-Something to do with feminism in modernism? Idk
-I like all of these, and I have a whole semester to figure out which one to do.

So I’m researching PhD programs and trying to choose a specialization. I basically have a really wide field of interest when it comes to literature; I like medieval and early modern literature, the 19th century Gothic, the American modern, Romanticism…all of which are very respectable areas to specialize in. However the areas I find myself most drawn to are Folklore and Pop Culture. Literature of the people, you know?

So then the problem arises, do I pick a comparative studies program or an English program?

But besides that, what I’m most excited about is having a doctorate in fairy tales and comic books.

Oh and also the school I apply to has to have a Russian language program because I really want to learn that shit.