I want Behemoth (from The Master and Margarita), Lying Cat (from Saga), and the Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland) all in one tattoo. But i don’t want anything toooooo busy, ya dig?

I’m totally willing to pay someone to sketch something out, btw. If youhave a sick idea shoot me an ask and we can work something out. I’ve yet to find a good artist who doesn’t just ask me EXACTLY what i want. I’m not am artist idk i want something fucking rad that’s all i know?

Or, you know, if you are or know a good artist in the nola area that’d be ideal.



Flying Houses | by Laurent Chehere.

You may have already seen this, as so many note-worthy blogs I follow have long since featured this series.

French photographer Laurent Chehere curates a collection full of of whimsical and surreal images in his series, “Flying Houses”. Photographs of urban and suburban Parisian homes are seen floating in the sky alongside clouds, flocks of migrating birds, tethered by electrical lines.

My absolute favourites have got to be the circus tent and what looks like a floating Noah’s Ark-home, but the rest are pretty great too. They have a great amount of detail if you study them closely, and some have a background story as well. Be sure to check out more of the collection on Laurent’s portfolio.



people out there acting like feminism doesnt do shit but yesterday night as i closed the store i work at two dudes were way too close to a chick outside and when she said to “back the fuck up” and they got threatened and said “you’re not hot anyway” she told them to “suck her fuckin ass” and made…